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Welcome to UpUp Baby.  Our mission is to deepen the childhood experience with meaningful and beautifully handcrafted items to use and enjoy while opening children’s minds to a world of wondrous possibilities. Our collection is proudly handmade in Nicaragua. With your support for our small shop, we contribute to the livelihood of communities and families in need. Thanks for being here.



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Family Toolbox for COVID-19 and Staying At Home

We want to support you and your family during this difficult time and we totally feel you, we are also on the same boat. UpUp Baby has put together a family toolbox of sorts. We hope this toolbox provides you with ways to engage and motivate kids and yourself at

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What we do

We are an online shop featuring a unique collection of handcrafted toys, furniture and accessories for babies and kids. Our Opening Collection is from Nicaragua! Our team collaborates with local artisans to design and create pieces to be enjoyed by little explorers. These pieces are artfully designed, made with natural materials, and above all be safe and secure to withstand their little owner’s big curiosity.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted with the aim to simplify children’s upbringing. We believe in simplifying yet deepening the childhood experience by enriching the play with meaningful pieces children embrace and enjoy. We value our world by running our business ethically, caring that the environment and local communities thrive rather than deplete.

OUr Story

Inspired by my love for travel and my two little ones, I created UpUp Baby. I want to share my passion for travel, cultures, and handcrafts with my kids and for me that meant surrounding them with beautiful pieces from around the world they use and play with. As a new mom, I found it very difficult to find baby items that were unique, handmade, and had a story behind it. So I decided to make these pieces available myself.

– Silvia, founder


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