Pretend or imaginary play lead children into different worlds and roles. It’s simply amazing to watch a child get lost in their play. It’s often the simple toys and objects that lead to the most fun simply because this allows children to get creative. As a parent or caregiver, watching a child in their pretend play clues us into their world and feelings, allowing us to recognize any issues and reflect on how we model. Go ahead, get lost with them too!

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Behind the scenes

The search for Artisanal talent

Finding high quality Artisanal talent is no easy feat. Our search brought us to many small towns throughout Nicaragua. Did you know that for one macrame doll hammock it takes four different Artisans?  The result is well worth the effort! 

Wood work in Nicaragua thrives. We are blessed to work with some of the countries finest carpenters. Our Wooden Doll Crib is a beauty and build to last through the generations.