Mac·ra·mé, the art of knotting cord or string in patterns to make decorative articles. At UpUp Baby, we use 100% natural cotton yarn to make our pieces. The Textile Artists in our Macrame Workshop take such special care of each creation to ensure its beauty and safety. We are especially proud of our Baby Swing. It’s like no other out there because it’s safer and simply stunning.

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Behind the scenes

Into our lovely macrame workshop

Ever wondered how we handcraft our macrame pieces? We start from the very beginning by selecting only 100% natural cotton yarn. For us, and we know for you too, it’s very important that every raw material we use in our pieces are as natural and free of chemicals or synthetics as possible. After all, it’s for our littles.

Our Macrame Workshop is proudly based in Nicaragua. We are honored to be able to provide new jobs to a community much in need and a new art and skill to our Textile Artists. It’s also amazing to contribute to keeping the macrame tradition alive in Nicaragua for future generations.